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Give something creative for Valentine's Day


Alexa & Adam and Geny's Flowers

Photography: Kelly Cummings
Spindle Photography

Geny's Floral Designer Nicole: Alexa and Adam came to meet with me with such a beautiful color palette in mind. The floral combination really came about so freely amid our conversations. Alexa loved soft, romantic flowers and garlands and ribbons... she was a bride after my own heart.

We combined peach and white stock with vintage pink Faith roses, sage green and white hydrangeas, Rosalind garden roses, large white Polo roses, succulents and scabiosa pods (a couple of organic elements which deviate from a typical soft, romantic palette that worked splendidly despite the norm!), spray roses, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus to create a perfect wedding day which is reflected in these photographs.

The altar was stunning and captured the romantic nature of the day and provided such a divine backdrop for a wedding at the Schermerhorn. It completely set the tone.

Our idea behind this design was to capitalize on the abundant use of soft flowers by creating a table of candlelight and ultimate reflection that was both proportionate to its surrounding architecture and an accent to the classical environment.

This wedding design will not go out of style... it's classic. And it was totally Alexa, which made it the most perfect.

Photography: Kelly Cummings
Spindle Photography


After Christmas Sale! 


We're lovin' us some flowers!




1 in 3 brides will choose blue as their wedding color...

The Knot survey says, "1 in 3 brides will choose blue as their wedding color." So lovely, to be so simple.  Beautiful, local blue hydrangea and pale blue delphinium.  Kaitlin, our guest floral designer, paired this with pale silver satin ribbon for this serene look. After all, blue is a calming color.  Probably a great choice for a wedding, come to think of it!

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We're totally into peonies this week.

Feeling Pretty in Pink.

While pink is not usually my favorite color, I'm a green girl at heart, this was just too yummy to pass up this week.  A fluffy bouquet of pale pink peonies, Garden roses, Sweet Eskimo roses and pink lisianthus looks like dessert in a bouquet.  Smells heavenly too.  
We jazzed it up a bit to compliment the gown with a large brooch.
To accompany our pink mood we found some romantic lace with a little bling.  This beauty is a Geny's Private Label gown appropriately dubbed Peony!  See all the photos of the gown here at Geny's Bridal.


Bouquets like a painted sky...



My approach to flowers for this week was a bit like trying to figure out something for dinner using what I had in the fridge.  But, I was inspired by the lumonisity of the silk in the beautiful Siri gown.  It really does have a beautiful glow.  The soft lavender, pink and blue toned  hydrangeas are like a painted sky. 






So, for the bridal bouquet I paired them with the lavender scabosia and purple veronica.  I usually like to stay with lighter tones for the bride so there is less contrast with the gown, which leads to less discratction from the bride’s beautiful face. 

For what could be a maid’s bouquet.  I added some orange freesia and cherry brandy roses to give it a punch toward the Fall season.  You could still pair this with lavender, silver, champagne or even brown maid’s dresses and it would be smashing!

We've paired the flowers with Siri’s Rotunda gown in the most lummnious shantung, ivory silk accented with an oyster colored sash... see more of the gowns at Geny's Bridal.

These bouquets are relatively inexpensive with the maids running approximately $65.00/each and the bride’s around $125.00.


Red White & Blue - the perfect wedding touch

Inspired by the 4th of July!

White hydrangea, ivory spray roses, white lisianthus and red roses compose this fluffy tribute to July 4th.  We accented with a crisp blue and white stripped ribbon.  It is important to be mindful of flower placement when using such contrasting colors.  They can give a polka dot effect in photographs.  This particular specimen is a medium size, hand-tied bouquet and would cost approximately $85.00.

And perfectly paired with Geny's Bridal gown from Steven Birnbaum - This natural waist ball gown of 100% silk, tissue paper taffeta will have you floating lightly down the aisle on a hot summer day.  And of course, in true Steven Birnbaum fashion, it has pockets!  More gown photos of this classic gown are here at Geny's Bridal!

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Out of the Garden

Look of the Week

In anticipation of that proverbial big open field wedding, we have a “Just picked it out of the garden” bouquet.  This has been a hot look this year.  While you might think it inexpensive, it can be more costly than you think.  This design style takes more flowers to achieve that texture.  You can accomplish this look with less expensive blooms of daisies, mums, asters and the like, but you won’t be able to get that lovely, soft, droopy texture that we have created here and it probably won’t be that much cheaper. 

This pretty contains blue scabosia, purple veronica, white dahlias, sweet unique roses, pink majolica spray roses, yellow button feverfew, pink larkspur and Italian variegated pit for good measure.  We have secured these stems with a pale silver, double-face satin ribbon.  Curious about the cost, this little girl would set you back about $175.00.  But what a breath of fresh, flowing, beautifulness you will be coming down that primrose path to meet your handsome prince.  Sign me up, I can’t wait.

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